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dazed and confused

Friday, March 25, 2005

2:38PM - drugs

"If we could sniff or swallow something that would, for five or six hours each day, abolish our solitude as individuals, atone us with our fellows in a glowing exaltation of affection and make life in all its aspects seem not only worth living, but divinely beautiful and significant, and if this heavenly, world-transfiguring drug were of such a kind that we could wake up next morning with a clear head and an undamaged constitution-then, it seems to me, all our problems (and not merely the one small problem of discovering a novel pleasure) would be wholly solved and earth would become paradise."

Current mood: bouncy

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

11:57PM - back to dead

im home its been a few days
i dont feel alive here
i left so many awesome people
friends i made real friend
REAL people no fake bullshit
and i miss him alex
more than anything
ill see him again but not
for a few months
its too far i just want to be back
there now
waking up next to him evey morning
having our "morning Joint" then a kiss
before he would go to work on the boats
i would go bakc to sleep and
roll out of bed 4 or 5 hours later
then go sit on the beach
and watch for my friends
hes still in st martin
but going home to england
where ill see him
before south africa john and dylan
they are the best people
you could meet
choppey alex dylan jay and john
no one here could be like them
they listened didnt just wait to talk
and they knew what i was talking about
and actually cared and were so much fun
it sucks in the states!
cant wait to get out again
back to where its free and where you dont need to worry about
not even moeny
everything is free or given
to you by your friends because
theres no greed
and you can swim all day and night

Thursday, December 2, 2004


Last Time You..
Really Smiled : Yesterday
Laughed: two days ago
Cried: a few nights ago
Danced: at moe.
Had sex: 2 weeks
Drank: tuesday
Smoked: last night
Watched your favorite movie: a long time ago
Had a nightmare: 3 nights ago
Last thing you had to drink: water
Last time you showered: the day before Yesterday
Last thing you ate: tomato soup
Regular Shit
Name: Elisabeth (shh)
Do you like it?: no
Nicknames: Elisa , brooke calls me lis
Screen names: rhkiediscp1
Birthday: 12/26/85
Sign: capricorn
Location: saint martin in the carribean
School: no yet champlain if they let me in
Status: not sure
Virgin?:not today
Natural hair color: brown
Current hair color: brown and red
Eye color: green
Height: 5’7"
Birthplace: Portland
Shoe size: 9
Parents: Linda and Brian
Siblings: Will Jason Susan Christine
Live with: brad , tekki and max for now
Favorite relative: my brother Will
Number: 5
Color: Green
Day: Friday
Month: july or December
Song: Run like an Antelope - phish LA Woman - the doors
Movie: the breakfast club, shawshank redemption and the jerk
Food: artichoks
Season: summer
Class: no
Teacher: mr. J
Drink: sobe
Veggie: artichoks
TV Show: friends
Radio Station: the BONE in maine , but theres not BONE here :(
Animal:tigers are cool
Flower: pretty ones
State: california
Love and Relationships
Do you have a bf/gf?: not really
Do you have a crush?:
How long have you liked him/her?: ...
Why do you like this person?: lots of reasons
How long was your longest relationship?: about 3 years
How long was your shortest relationship?: a month or so
Who was your first love?: corey
What do you miss about them?: the love
The Past
What is the one thing you would change about your past?:
Last thing you heard: the ocean
Last thing you saw: this screen
Last thing you said: bye
The Present
What are you wearing?: shorts and a tank top
What are you doing?: this
Who are you talking to?: no one
What song are you listening to?: just about to listen to the dead
Where are you?: in a house on the beach
Are you online?: no
How are you feeling?: hungry
What day is it tomorrow?: friday?
What are you going to do after this?: swim or walk to get food
Who are you going to talk to?: whoever i see on the way
Where are you going to go?: the store up the street
How old will you be when you graduate?: duno
What do you wanna be?: something that matters
What is one of your dreams?: to be in a band or play pro soccer!!
Where will you be in 25 years?: no idea , if anyone knows please let me in on it
Makes you laugh the most: victor
Makes you smile: my friends
Gives you a funny feeling when you see them:a boy i used to work with
Has a crush on you: I don't know
So do you date? yes
Have you ever have a 3-some? no
date older guys? yes
Do you have a crush on: ...
Can make you feel better no matter what: sydney my neice shes 5 months
cologne: the kind john at work wears
perfume: very sexy
kiss: kyle
romantic memory: airport
most recent advice given to you:have fun
Have You..
Fallen for your best friend?: no
Made out with JUST a friend?:yes
Been rejected?: kind of
Been in love?: yes
Been in lust?: oh yes
Used someone?: no
Been used?: probably
Cheated on someone?: yes i know its bad and wrong but he did it to me first!
Been cheated on?: yep!
Been kissed?: well yea
Done something you regret?: who hasnt
Who Was The Last Person..
You touched?: max
You talked to?: tekki
You hugged?: my mom or sue
You instant messaged?: maria
You kissed?: dan
You had sex with?: dan
You yelled at?: my mom
You laughed with?: tekki
Who broke your heart?: my dad
Who told you they loved you?: brooke
Do you write in cursive or print?: print
Are you a lefty or a righty?: righty
What is your sexual preference?: guys
What piercings do you have?:ears , belly button no more lip :(
Any tattoos?: yes one so far
Do you drive?: yes
do you have glasses or braces?: no , had braces
Did you like this survey?: eh
Physical Appearance
What do you most like about your body?: no
How many fillings do you have?: 1 or 2 i think
Do you think you're good looking?: no
Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking?: yea but they are weird
Do you look like any celebrities?: no
Do you wear a watch?: no
How many coats and jackets do you own?: a few
Favorite pants/skirt color?: jeans or brown
Most expensive item of clothing?: lucky jeans
Most treasured?: a boys shirt that still smells like him
What kind of shoes do you wear?: none! :)
Describe your style in one word: no
Three things that scare me:
1: death
2: growing up alone
Three people who make me laugh:
1: my friends
2. sydney
3: evon
Three Things I love:
1: Friends/family
2: music / concerts
3: soccer
Three Things I hate:
1: closed minded people
2: stuck up people
3: brussel sprouts
Three things I don't understand:
1: myself
2: straight edges
3: how people can like rap/pop/country music
Three things on my desk:
1: pictures
2: pen
3: cup
Three things I'm doing right now:
1: this
2:listening to the grateful dead
3: thinking about walking to the store
Three things I want to do before I die:
1: get happily married with kids
2: travel around the world
3: tell the people i love how much i love them
Three ways to describe my personality:
1: weird
2: friendly
3: shy
Three things I can't do:
1: homework
2: pay attention in school
3: stay home

Current mood: hungry

Sunday, November 14, 2004


moe tonight was awesome

*****BOB DYLAN!Jhjkflghkdfjgsd on thursday!!!!!!!!

yay :)

so clooooooooooose

Current mood: thirsty

Friday, November 12, 2004

9:03PM - where im going




so 11 days
i leave
for about well im not sure how l ong
maybe until the end of summer for school
butttttttttt imi ght not get in
so maybe ill stay there ???????
i neeeeeeeed to pack
an island!! yay!!!!1
this will be crazy
i want to see everyone before i leave

Current mood: high

Sunday, October 24, 2004


i was drivin gdown the road one da y someone hit a possum
i was driving down trhe road one day so0em one hit a possum
possum posssm possum posssuummmm

i was driving down the rooooooooooowowoooaaaaaaad

Current mood: bouncy

Wednesday, October 20, 2004




bill dino and justin




bill and justin



team picture hah

9:00PM - my plan

i just got h ome from cali
for about a week
the last race of the season
but they won the championship
it was good
so no more traveling for a bit
til nov 23 ill be moving
farrrr away for about 10 months
maybe less
st martin
come visit
ill miss everyone

Current mood: optimistic

Saturday, September 25, 2004

7:33PM - phish

coventry vermont has a whole new meaning

the very end of


5 days of peace love and music

it was awesome

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

9:35PM - californ i ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

if youre going to san fransisco
make sure to wear flowers in your hair

be home in a week

Monday, July 5, 2004



Current mood: mischievous

Monday, June 21, 2004


too many

keg stands

Sunday, June 20, 2004


went camping with brooke mike and joe

Wednesday, June 2, 2004




Thursday, May 13, 2004

9:05PM - you pick the place ill choose the time

to never hear music this way is no good
you need to hear it this way to really hear it
to understand everything to make everything better
and more interseting more comfortable hah

Current mood: groovey

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

9:42PM - oh yes

ive probably posted this song before but its just so awesome i gotta do it again

Let us burn one
From end to end
And pass it over
To me my friend
Burn it long, we’ll burn it slow
To light me up before I go
If you don’t like my fire
Then don’t come around
Cause I’m gonna burn one down
Yes I’m gonna burn one down
My choice is what I choose to do
And if I’m causing no harm
It shouldn’t bother you
Your choice is who you choose to be
And if your causin’ no harm
Then you’re alright with me
If you don’t like my fire
Then don’t come around
Cause I’m gonna burn one down
Yes I’m gonna burn one down
Herb the gift from the earth
And what’s from the earth
Is of the greatest worth
So before you knock it try it first!!
You’ll see it’s a blessing
And not a curse
If you don’t like my fire
Then don’t come around
Cause I’m gonna burn one down
Yes I’m gonna burn one down



8:58PM - the lizard king

I looked at you, You looked me
I smiled at you, You smiled at me
And we're on our way, No we can't turn back, babe
Yeah, we're on our way, And we can't turn back
'Cause it's too late, Too late, too late
Too late, too late
And we're on our way
No we can't turn back, babe
Yeah, we're on our way
And we can't turn back, yeah
C'mon, yeah!
I walked with you, You walked with me
I talked to you, You talked to me
And we're on our way
No we can't turn back, yeah
Yeah, we're on our way
And we can't turn back, yeah
'Cause it's too late, Too late, too late
Too late, too late
And we're on our way
No we can't turn back
Yeah, we're on our way
And we can't turn back
'Cause it's too late, Too late, too late
Too late, too late

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